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Kids Chalkboards, Coloured Chalkboards, Pink Chalkboards, Blue Chalkboards, Purple Chalkboards, Orange Chalkboards, Yellow Chalkboards, Black Chalkboards, Green Chalkboards, Red Chalkboards

Perfect for Any Play Area

Our coloured chalkboards for kids are bright and engaging. As soon as kids see them, they are begging for chalk.

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Retail Chalkboards, Pink Chalkboards, Blue Chalkboards, Red Chalkboards, Orange Chalkboards, Green Chalkboards, Yellow Chalkboards, Pink Whiteboards, Orange Whiteboards, Red Whiteboards, Blue Whiteboards, Green Whiteboards, Purple Whiteboards

Florists, Beauty Therapists, Hairdressers + More

Display your pricing or daily quotes on one of coloured chalkboards to engage with retail customers.

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Hospitality Chalkboards, Red Chalkboards, Orange Chalkboards, Yellow Chalkboards, Green Chalkboards, Red Whiteboards, Orange Whiteboards, Green Whiteboards, Yellow Whiteboards, Red Whiteboards

Restaurants, Cafes, Bistros + Coffee Shops

Draw attention to your specials or new dishes by putting them on one of coloured chalkboards. Our colours have been especially selected to encourage your customers to spend and eat more.

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Dustless Chalk, Liquid Chalk Pens, Liquid Chalk Markers

Dustless Chalk + Liquid Chalk Pens

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Kids Chalkboard Reviews

“I think the chalkboards are amazing, a great asset for any children’s play.  It allows them to be creative within their drawing and also it has the capability for learning.  It also is a great tool to sit down for one on one time with your child to either teach them writing or have a laugh withdrawing.  We wouldn’t be without ours now”


Having a pink chalkboard in our florist shop has created a great talking point. Lots of customers comment on how much they like it and often ask where we purchased it from. It was hard to choose what colour to buy as there are so many nice colours. So happy with our purchase.


We have a chalkboard for each of our kids, they are 2 and 4 years old. I love that the chalkboards meets each of our kids development for where they are at. While our 2 year old is busy trying out different colours, our 4 year old is starting to draw some really cool pictures.



Coloured Magnetic Boards, Pink Magnetic Boards, Blue Magnetic Boards, Yellow Magnetic Boards, Purple Magnetic Boards, Red Magnetic Boards, Orange Magnetic Boards, Green Magnetic Boards

Magnetic Boards

Coloured Magnetic boards are a great alternative to a cork board. Use them in your kitchen, kid's bedroom to display their art or in your office as a notice board.

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Coloured Whiteboards, Pink Whiteboards, Blue Whiteboards, Purple Whiteboards, Red Whiteboards, Yellow Whiteboards, Orange Whiteboards, Green Whiteboards

Light + Dark Colours to Choose From

Our coloured whiteboards are a great alternative to a chalkboard. We have lots of funky colours to choose from. We love the fact you can use whiteboard pens on the lighter boards or liquid chalk pens on the darker whiteboards.

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Girls Name Meanings Wall Art, Boys Name Meaning Wall Art, Kids Wall Decor, Kids Wall Art

A Unique Gift Idea for a Baby or Birthday

Our name meanings are unique and cool. They make great gifts for any age. We have gorgeous colours available for both boys and girls.

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Dinosaur Wall Art, Fairies Wall Art, Kids Bedroom Decor, Kids Wall Art

Wall Art for Kids Bedrooms

If your child is into dinosaurs or fairies, then we have the wall art for you.

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