Calm the Chaos with a Visual Timetable

Our lives are so busy, we are running here and running there trying to fit everything into the day.  When we have children in the mix, we have to manage them and their behaviour too.

Now more than ever before our children are being diagnosed with problems we never had as kids like ADHD, autism, anxiety and other behavioural problems.  

By using a daily visual schedule, you can give your children a heads up on what the day holds, thereby allowing them to continually check through the day to see what is coming up next.  By letting them do this, it eliminates a lot of anxiety.  Visual schedules can be in pictures or words depending on how old your child is.

Coloured Magnetic Boards | Colour Studio


How many times do you refer to your calendar, diary or phone to see what you have coming up next in the day?

These are all all visual aids that we rely on to help us remember what we have on and where we need to be all the time.



Our magnetic boards are the perfect place to display your visual timetables for your family. They are engaging and come in a range of vibrant colours.  We also offer free personalisation on every board

Calm the chaos in your home today by using a visual aid to assist in helping your children deal with all the busyness.

Have a look at all the gorgeous colours we have available at:

(smaller sizes available on request)

The visual timetable may not always be referred to, however what the day entails is there in a visual way for anyone that needs it in the family.