Stand Out From the Crowd - Coloured Hospitality Chalkboards

Blackboards are so popular right now - businesses use them everywhere to display their specials, discounts, menu items, and special deals etc.  The only down side of using a black chalkboard to display this information, is that it really only appears cutting edge and trendy to the "youth" market.

Black can give off the impression of being intimidating and unfriendly - not great if you are trying to introduce some new items on the menu or specials to customers not in that age bracket.

Certain colours evoke feelings in people and with a little bit of clever psychology you can gain their attention, engage with them and encourage a behaviour, and they don't even realise you are doing it ie. for example, putting a yummy desert on either orange or red chalkboard, these colours are great, as when people see these colours they stimulated and encouraged to eat more (perfect)!


The right colours placed in the right place can stimulate social communication and conversation and encourage people to linger longer and order more.

This is why we have created our coloured chalkboards collection especially for hospitality venues.  Our hand selected collection have been chosen as they are the colours that will engage with your customers when you want to upsell your daily specials, special menu items or new dishes. 

Going out for coffee is a weekly occurrence for most, people meet up for business meetings, brunch meetings, lunch get-togethers and it is not just a during the week fav, catching up on the weekends is also really popular with friends and family.

Get on board and stand out from the crowd - we have two different sized chalkboards available (and can custom make other sizes on request).  We have free personalisation on every board.  If you would like us to colour match to your branding, we would also be happy to do this too.

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