How to Care for your Board


Prior to use, please chalk your board using one of the pieces of chalk supplied. 

To do this, rub your piece of chalk (on its side) over the entire board ensuring every part of the surface is covered in chalk.  This prepares the chalk surface.  Once this has been applied, take a damp cloth and wipe over entire board.  It is now ready to be used. 

When you want to clean your board, we recommend to use a damp cloth. 

Please note that Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk is only designed for use on concrete or asphalt sidewalks and driveways and not on Colour Studio Chalkboards. It is heavily dyed and will leave staining on your board. This is not covered under our warranty. We recommend to refrain from using this brand of chalk for this reason. 


Your whiteboard is ready to use straight away. 

We recommend using a good quality brand of white pens on your board. If any staining does appear, use a damp cloth and a small amount of Ajax to clean your board.

Magnetic Board

Your magnetic board is ready to use right away.  To clean your board, a damp cloth only is recommended to clean you board.

Name Meanings Wall Art

To clean you name meanings wall art, we recommend wiping over with a damp cloth.