Our Story


Having raised a family (with all its great times and challenges), working in our own painting and decorating company for over 25 years and having studied colour psychology, I knew that I wanted to come up with some new and cool products that were colourful, fun, engaging and functional for families and businesses all around New Zealand.

Yes we have blackboards and whiteboards and magnetic boards already, but these are stock standard and are pretty boring when you look at them, they just serve a purpose and most of them we wouldn’t want to put on display.

In almost every household in New Zealand, our fridge also doubles as our notice board.  It has our kids art (that we love), photos, together with important notices from school, menus, bills and anything else that will fit or we need to remember.

Colour brings so much joy and happiness to our lives without us realising it and evokes emotions in us to feel a certain way.  Colour makes are us feel good and as we know, we are all drawn to certain colours, just look in your wardrobe or around your home. 

Colour Studio have created a new range of gorgeous products, that are not stock standard because we want people to be happy, engaged and organised and we are pretty sure we have a board for every household or business.

Whether you need a coloured chalkboard for your kids, or a coloured chalkboard for your business, a cool and funky coloured whiteboard or a coloured magnetic board for home (so you can have a clear fridge), we have something for you.