Clockwork Orange Sleepout

Before meeting the owners of this property, I had received an email giving me a heads up about the colours they were thinking about using on their exterior. I was really looking forward to our initial meeting, as three of the colours were very neutral, while the other colour was Resene Clockwork Orange.

As soon as I entered the owner’s home to sit down and discuss colours for their exterior, I could see why Clockwork Orange was one of the colours chosen. Their home was a beautiful of mix of reds, avocado green and oranges all tastefully displayed in artwork, furniture and in the kitchen splashback. The owner just wanted to reflect her taste on the outside of their property and I loved the braveness.

Once we started walking around her property and she told me her ideas, I fell in love with what she was wanting to achieve.

At the rear of the property, we decided that only the sleepout would be painted Clockwork Orange.

While the back of the sleepout wall was part of their entertainment area, we agreed that this wall would be kept neutral. While Orange is a colour that is warm, inviting and joyful, too much of it can be very over stimulating and we wanted the entertainment area to be one everyone could relax in.

By omitting one of the colours she wanted to use on her exterior and keeping the colour scheme really simple, the end result was fabulous.