Rosetta Road New Build

This was a project the owners and I worked on together over a 3 month period. They had built another home in the past, but decided this time to engage a colour consultant. I was happy to be involved.

We started by choosing the colours for the exterior over the plans. They had already chosen the colour for their roof and their aluminium windows, so next we needed to decide on colours for their garage door, front door and all the cladding. Their exterior had two different types of cladding. They were quite sure of the colours they wanted initially, but then after seeing A4 samples of them outside, they decided to go the half-strength of the main colour. Once the exterior colours were decided, it was time to move on to the interior.

This was the fun bit as there were so many rooms. The owner was adamant she wanted lots of colour in her new house. It was a total breath of fresh air, as so many people are quite afraid to use colour in their homes. Even though each room is a different, they are all colours they are either blue or green which go perfectly for the area, being right next to the beach.

We also picked out some beautiful wallpapers that the owners can add at a later date.

It was great to go and see the home when they had moved in. They still have a wee bit to do but what they have finished looks lovely.