Business Colour Consulting


Visual communication is everything in business and getting the right colour to reflect your business is key. It is so important to get this right – right from the start.

We like to sit down with our clients at our initial meeting and find out what their business is about, who their target market is, what they are hoping to achieve and what they want their message to be to prospective clients/customers.

Colour Studio knows how to find the exact right colour for you and your business, the colour/s for you to use in your logo, your signage and all your branding.

Your brand should be at the heart of your business and the most memorable part of your business is the colour.

Whether you are just starting out or think you would like a fresh new look, contact us.

Business Premises – Interior

It is so important to look at your environment at work. What type of space are you and your employees working in? What colours are the walls painted? What colour is your staffroom? Are they colours that inspire team work? Sales? Inspiration? Creativity? Happiness?

There is a lot of focus today on wellbeing, especially in the work place. Are you a forward thinking business, that has created a relaxing area for staff to feel calm and refresh on their breaks? Have you created an environment for them to work in that is stimulating and motivating?

This is for all types of work places, including commercial offices, work shops, retail, hospitality, education.

Some colours can make people feel unfocused or irritable. How old is your colour scheme in your business, is it time for an update?

In today’s fast-paced working environment you want to make sure you are looking after your staff and their wellbeing, so they are productive and happy.

Colour Studio can come on site and advise you if your current colour scheme supports you getting the best out of your staff in their current surroundings.

Business Premises – Exterior

You can visually attract potential clients/customers to your business by using colour effectively on your exterior using your branding as a guide.

Whatever business you are in, you will always have competition. Really good marketing is to use colour to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Colour Studio can assist you in choosing colours for your exterior to reflect your branding. By incorporating your branding colours onto the exterior of your business, clients see you when they drive or walk past, they can easily find you and most importantly, they will contact you when they need your service as it is a clever marketing tool.

We can advise you on how much colour to use and where on your exterior to be the most effective.

Colour Studio can colour match to your existing branding or work together to come up with some other options.