Home Colour Consulting

There are so many colours to choose from when you decide to renovate or build. Colour Studio encourages you to look through magazines and online and start collecting pictures of how you would like your interior or exterior to look prior to your initial meeting.

Exterior Colour Schemes

First impressions are everything. We make up our minds very quickly whether we like something or not and there is no exception when it comes to our biggest asset.

You can modernise an exterior just by changing the colours. If you are going to spend the money to have it painted, then it is definitely worth engaging Colour Studio to ensure you are going to be pleased with the end result.

You may really like a colour scheme on another property you have seen. However, it may look completely different on your home, especially if your home is built from different materials or is a completely different style.

Colour Studio will work with you and create a colour scheme you love. We bring lots of different samples to our consultation with you and as part of our service, we prepare a complete colour scheme for your painter.


Call me and lets have a talk about it.

Interior Colour Schemes

Colour Studio believes you should love every room in your home.

Your home is where you gather with family and friends. You entertain, you relax, you sleep, you bathe, you cook and you keep things that are near and dear to you.

Colour Studio can work with you to incorporate all the latest trends in your home or we can work together to find out what your favourite colours are and build your home around those.

Once we have worked out what colours inspire you, we can then start putting a colour scheme together.

We are happy to look over any samples you have selected yourself and can discuss colours for furniture, homewares etc.

We really enjoy helping and inspiring our clients from making small changes to embracing quite brave changes.

Colour Studio is happy to work with you on one small space to the whole house.

Children’s Bedrooms

Colour Studio really enjoys working with little people and creating spaces they want to be in to play, learn and grow.

After learning so much through colour psychology, Colour Studio likes to work with their clients to really understand what feeling, mood and behaviour they want to create in their child’s space.

If you have a child that has special needs (ie. Autism or ADHD) we can work with them to create a space that is calming and relaxing, as well as incorporating their favourite colours, special interests and things in their room that are special to them.

A child’s room should also provide space for imagination. Let’s get creating!